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Peer Reviewed

Talk at the 6th Days of Swiss Linguistics. (Slides in French.)

C. Grivaz. Human judgements on causation in French texts, The seventh international conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC), May 19-21, 2010, Valletta, Malta. pdf

Talk at the 5th Days of Swiss Linguistics. (Abstract in French).

Poster for 2008 Summer School on Neural Networks in Classification, Regression and Data Mining. pdf.


C. Grivaz. Un jeu de règles permettant de déterminer si une relation causale est exprimée entre des propositions. Nouveaux Cahiers de la Linguistique Française 29, Département de linguistique, Université de Genève. 2009. pdf

Invited talk for the 2008 CUSO school M4: Annotation de relations causales.

Technical Reports

DEA thesis: Experiments in Parsers Combination. This work was about combining the output of several different parsers to increase their performances.

Internship report: Stocking Strategy for the Routing Table in TAP Protocol.. This work was about ad hoc networks routing strategies.